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2013-10-23 17:45:28 by RiverK

"Saturn 9"

2013-06-29 22:14:59 by RiverK

About a month ago, NG user rugly asked me to record some audio logs for his next game, which is now available on Xbox 360 for 80 points/$1! I also have 5 free game codes! And am really trying to embed some fucking video, but NewGrounds is being a bitch about it!

Fucking old-school LINK to the video God DAMN IT

Now the rest of you can lose to General Gauis, on your fancy, liquid-cooled nerd machines.

"Dust: An Elysian Tail" is now available on Steam, for $15! Featuring a generous handful of NewGrounds regular voices!

Plus, if you buy between now and May 31st, you'll also get a 10% discount!


"Dust: An Elysian Tail" is now available on Steam!

Bioshock: Infinite Hunger

2013-05-12 14:16:58 by RiverK

Check it out! I play "Booker" in this flash by new collab channel "The Friend Ship!"

Bioshock: Infinite Hunger

EDIT: I can't figure out this stupid NG dynamic link thing. Looks like a pretty boring post compared to my youtube embeds.

Night Shift (A Stop Motion Short)

2013-05-11 15:54:58 by RiverK

Check this out! I was recently very fortunate to be involved in Alexander Crowley's most recent claymation short! I play the "Executive," and had a lot of fun working with him on it.

And not just because I'm in it! Though it certainly doesn't hurt.

Maybe it's just me, but for a while there, I felt machinima had a bit of a stigma for mostly being poorly-made (and thinly-veiled) Red Vs. Blue knock-offs and "TOP HUNNERD WAYS TO DIE" videos. But then I was approached by a small group of filmmakers who actually care about the craft that is machinima, and they've been gracious enough to throw a couple roles my way! Most recently, we've started working on this series, which I'm having a lot of fun with, recording alongside my roommates Joey Rannalli and Megan Parks.

"Heroes of Newerth" Role Get!

2013-01-04 21:34:08 by RiverK

I recently played the role of "Ether the Moon Prince" in the PC RTS "Heroes of Newerth!" I owe many thanks to Ed "Darkwolf" Bosco for the audition, and you can find quite a few other NG actors among the other characters!

"Heroes of Newerth" Role Get!

"Ground Zeroes" Trailer English Dub

2013-01-01 23:19:26 by RiverK

Remember my "River Atkin Downes" demo?

I don't usually do dubs, but seeing as how this has yet be officially dubbed in English, I figured if I was gonna do it for anyone, it'd be CPMStudios. I play "Kaz Miller," alongside Kamran Nikhad and Timothy Weaver. Produced by Erick Mattos.

Dust: An Elysian Sale!

2012-12-23 14:36:23 by RiverK

Hello fellow Engies!

So, I didn't make as big a deal of this (here) as I should have when it was announced, but I was the voice of "General Gaius" in "Dust: An Elysian Tail," the critically-acclaimed Xbox Indie featuring many other NewGrounds voice actors. Most of them posted here about it, but I didn't feel my following here was all that large, so I posted everywhere else it would actually be paid any attention to.

If you own an Xbox, and have yet to play this game, now is the time. It's on sale for 600 points! Being a gamer, I myself have thoroughly enjoyed playing it for it's challenging platforming and beautiful design (and finally being immortalized in a game doesn't hurt my rating either).

Dust: An Elysian Sale!

"Drift - Philip's Lament"

2011-12-12 17:57:38 by RiverK

Be sure to check out Animator1Mike's "Drift - Philip's Lament," which I helped produce, record foley for, and voice his dad, "Eric." Vote 5, and all that other attention-whore crap!

All the best,

River K.