2017 Submissions

StillFourFour Dance Loop
The 999 - "Malyn" Reading Drama Voice
The 999 - "Tor" Reading Drama Voice
"In a World" Voicemail Spoken Word Voice
WWLB - Zambeh Voice Demo Voice
River Craig Smith Voice Demo Voice
RTS VO Training Session Voice Demo Voice
Ass, Meet Foot Industrial Loop
Clusterfun Video Game Loop
ChipTu Video Game Song
Other Eve Cinematic Song
AT4033a + Kaotica Eyeball Voice Demo Voice
AFT "Snow" Audition Comedy Voice
AFT "Marine" Audition Comedy Voice
AFT "Jungle" Audition Comedy Voice
"Work is Hell" Spot Drama Voice
From Zoom To AT Mics Informational Voice
PSO2 - Emergency Code: River Voice Demo Voice
Fallout Lore: Resource Wars Spoken Word Voice
RK_Narration Demo '14 Spoken Word Voice
RK_Commercial Demo '14 Voice Demo Voice
Cold Logic Cinematic Loop
Fugu Complex BTS 13 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 12 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 11 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 10 Comedy Voice
"Flood" Rock Remix Loop Pop Loop
River Kanoff's HoN Reel Voice Demo Voice
Elder Scrolls Reel Voice Demo Voice
RiverBot Comedy Voice
Marvel Sting Reel Cinematic Song
Subjective Ambient Song
Coccos Kills the Reaper Ambient Song
FPS Incidentals Video Game Voice
TiTT - "Sherlock" Reel Video Game Voice
TiTT - "Jensenovitch" Reel Video Game Voice
TiTT - "Detective" Reel Video Game Voice
Informant Suite Cinematic Song
Metropolis Mayhem [Song] Video Game Song
Ye of Little Faith Cinematic Song
An Empire Crumbles Tomorrow Cinematic Song
Evol Experimental Loop
Death of Viper Classical Song
Pensive Ambient Loop
Troycelot Warmup Drama Voice
Birth and Rebirth Cinematic Loop
How I Didn't Book the Gig Comedy Voice
CS - Highboy -SUITE- Video Game Song
Crapple Funk Loop
Nope.wav Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 9 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 8 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 7 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 6 Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 5 Comedy Voice
Thug Kitchen (explicit) Comedy Voice
Pick a Voice for Finch Voice Demo Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 4 Comedy Voice
Farewell Salute Classical Song
Spiral Staircase Piano Classical Loop
PSASBR - Time Station 2 Video Game Loop
Fugu Complex BTS 3 Comedy Voice
Crack Comedy Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 2 Drama Voice
Fugu Complex BTS 1 Drama Voice
Rejected "Fugu Complex" PSA Spoken Word Voice
Elsa Marie Classical Song
My AVAD Disclaimer Spoken Word Voice
M3 - Escape from Ceres Video Game Loop
M1 - Brinstar Video Game Loop
"Wesker" Bonus Voice Demo Voice
M3 - Ceres Station Video Game Loop
M3 - Chozo Statue Boss Video Game Loop
M3 - Item Room Video Game Loop
M3 - Crateria Awakening Classical Loop
Again Classical Song
Pre-Bramble Video Game Loop
M3 - Brinstar 2 Ambient Song
Storming Point Video Game Loop
Piecemeal Ambient Song
Collateral Classical Song
Gift Ambient Song
M2 - SR388 Video Game Loop
Geneva Ambient Loop
Precious Seconds Drum N Bass Loop
Convene Ambient Song
Choice Words Video Game Song
Gone Jazz Loop
Firework in an Elevator Jazz Loop
Pangaea Classical Song
Betrayal Classical Song
Shift Ambient Song
Silver Drop Intro Video Game Loop
Dead Drop Ambient Song
Merasmus Gives 3D Tips Comedy Voice
Everything Dies Video Game Song
Show Me Your Hand Ambient Song
Nothing and No One Ambient Song
Chaos Becomes You WIP Video Game Loop
Dropout - Dorm Ambient Loop
Ct Boss 2 Epiqued Classical Song
River Atkin Downes Spoken Word Voice
Spring Yard Jam House Loop
Golden Sun Acoustic Jazz Song
Dashboard Drum N Bass Loop
Sunnish Classical Loop
Overdrive Percussion Video Game Loop
MGGB Theme Video Game Song
Anonymous Ambient Song
After Her Classical Song
Faxing Berlin Dance Song
Rivalry Classical Song
Haven Video Game Loop
Stolen Love, Eternal Classical Song
Parting Company Classical Song
Starlit Funk WIP Funk Loop
Demo Cue 2 Classical Loop
MG2 - Briefing Classical Song
HRT Defeated Classical Song
Friedman Frisson Video Game Loop
High And Borked Grunge Loop
Chrono Briefing Ambient Song
Softening Moment Ambient Song
RK's Walking Dead Theme Classical Song
Safe In Here Classical Song
Sonic Spinball - Options Grunge Loop
Seaside Denied (Song) Video Game Song
Safehouse Classical Loop
Welcome to Eastview Classical Loop
Zombies 3 Theme Classical Loop
Bodily Barricade Miscellaneous Song
Pissed-Off Machine Industrial Loop
M3 - Vs. Ridley Video Game Loop
M3 - Crateria Raining Ambient Loop
M3 - Elevator Room Ambient Loop
M3 - Save Room Ambient Loop
AYVA S2 Audition Reel Voice Demo Voice
Battered Pop Song
wipKord Industrial Loop
Smooth Drum N Bass Loop
Layvahaus Video Game Loop
Interactive Reel (2012) Voice Demo Voice
Dramatus Ambient Song
Letter to my Savior Ambient Song
Penultima Ambient Song
Uncertain Reunion Ambient Song
A Costly Gift Classical Song
Lonely Ballerina Ambient Song
Bison Video Game Song
One Real: Overcome Classical Song
One Real: Fatalis Ambient Song
Appearance Video Game Song